Does your browser support the Google Earth plugin?

Tour Builder uses the Google Earth plugin for our 3D map. The following is a list of browsers that do and do not support the Google Earth plugin as of March 2015. More details can be found at the bottom of the page.

Using Chrome on Windows?
Starting with version 42 (released in April 2015) Chrome will disable all plugins (including the Earth plugin) by default. We are working on a 2D verison of Tour Builder for Chrome users. In the meantime, please try using another browser like Firefox or Internet Explorer. See below for more information.

Supported browsers

Unsupported browsers

How can unsupported browsers use Tour Builder?

On browsers that don't support the Google Earth plugin you can use Tour Builder in 2D mode. We are also looking into 3D alternatives to the Google Earth plugin so that all browsers can use Tour Builder in 3D again in the future.

Why are major browsers dropping plugin support?

To improve web security in favor of newer technologies some major web browsers are restricting access to and/or removing support for traditional web browser plugins. These changes will affect Tour Builder users as our site uses the Google Earth plugin.

Firefox currently requires users to "activate" plugins on web pages, but has not announced any plans to remove plugin support. In mid-January 2015 Chrome version 40 started to require users to "unblock" plugins. Chrome will disable all plugin support by default starting with version 42 in mid-April 2015. In September of 2015, Chrome will completely remove support for plugins altogether.

Because major web browsers are moving away from traditional plugins, Google has decided to deprecate the Google Earth plugin with plans to turn it off completely in December 2015.

Detailed information

The Tour Builder team is working hard to transition to different mapping technology so that we can continue supporting your storytelling efforts without using a plugin. In the meantime, please see the details below about your favorite browsers to understand how you are affected:

Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari (on Mac OS X)
Tour Builder will continue to use the Google Earth plugin until the Earth plugin is turned off in December 2015. If we don’t have a 3D alternative ready by this time you will be able to use a 2D version of Tour Builder (ready in April/May 2015).

Please note that the Google Earth plugin is a 32-bit application so you must use the 32-bit versions of Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer; it won't work with 64-bit versions. 64-bit Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari users will be able to use Tour Builder in 2D once that version is ready.

Chrome on Windows
Starting with version 42 (April 2015), Chrome will disable all plugins by default. As stated earlier, we are working on a 2D version so Chrome users can continue using Tour Builder. In the meantime you can still use Tour Builder in 3D with Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Chrome on Mac OS X
Starting with version 39 (December 2014), Chrome for Mac OS X is only offered as a 64-bit application making it incompatible with the 32-bit Google Earth plugin. As stated earlier, once our 2D version is ready, you will be able to use Tour Builder again. In the meantime, please use Firefox or Safari.