3D map support in Tour Builder

Tour Builder uses the Google Earth plugin for our 3D map. However, because some major browsers (including Chrome) are removing or reducing support for web plugins we added a 2D mode using the Google Maps API in May 2015.

Is your Tour Builder in 2D mode?
If Tour Builder is in 2D mode on your browser you either: 1) don’t have the Google Earth plugin installed, or 2) your web browser no longer supports web plugins.

The following is a list of browsers that support the Google Earth plugin as of May 2015. More details about the browsers that do and do not support the Earth plugin can be found on our plugin support page.

Browsers that support the Google Earth plugin and Tour Builder in 3D

Using Chrome on Windows?
Starting with version 42 (released in April 2015) Chrome will disable all plugins (including the Earth plugin) by default. This means that you now have to use Tour Builder in 2D mode. If you want to use 3D mode, please try using another browser like Firefox or Internet Explorer.